Making Things Right with Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits are an important part of fairness and serve an important function in our system of civil justice.  Class actions are typically considered the superior method of litigating cases where a large number of individuals have been injured.  It is impractical to have every person possibly injured from the same conduct of the defendants appear in court to have their cases heard.  As a result the class action allows a case to be brought by a person who represents the interest of the class of persons injured.  This person is called the “Lead Plaintiff” or “Named Plaintiff” and they will act as the plaintiff of the entire class of injured persons.  This allows for greater judicial efficiency in managing the case and claims of the class as well as reduces the financial burden for class members in pursuing their rightful claims.

As soon as practicable after the filing of a class action the named representatives must ask the court to certify the action as a class action.  If the court does “certify” the action as a class the parties work to create and provide a notice to class members, advising them of their rights and that they may be bound by the results of the lawsuit.  

Once a class action is resolved in favor of plaintiffs and members of the class or settled, notice is once again sent to class members to advise them of steps to be taken, if any, in order to receive any compensation they may be entitled to gain as a result of the suit.

At the law Office of G. Russell Donaldson, PC, our trial attorneys have an excellent reputation of fighting for people who have been injured by big companies.  We have experience fighting on behalf of those who have been injured due to the negligence, indifference or greed of corporations or individuals.  And, we have the resources to take the fight to the finish line and secure the justice our clients deserve. 

Our law firm brings together the resources to fight for consumers

Since founding the Firm in 1999, our attorneys have fought for the rights of individuals and small businesses.   We are known as a law firm that will not back down and a law firm with the resources and experience to coordinate massive amounts of technical, scientific and legal data.

Big companies would prefer to fight consumers one at a time, knowing that most people cannot launch or maintain a consumer protection action, or other complex litigation matter on their own.  Class action lawsuits level the playing field and give consumers the leverage they need against companies or individuals that harm consumers.  We will fight for your legal rights and to get you and class members the compensation deserved.